UCT vendors

Preferred vendors

Preferred vendors are accredited suppliers with whom UCT has negotiated best price, quality and service. Preferred vendors must be used wherever possible.

Preferred vendors are identified on the basis of:

  • financial stability
  • BEE status – the university is required by law to ensure that a certain amount of its spending is directed to BEE vendors. All merchants are asked to provide their BEE status when applying to become vendors.
  • references
  • price, quality and service offerings as per tender or a request for proposal (RFP) process

Some preferred vendor agreements originate from collaborative purchasing by universities, as a result of tender processes.

Preferred vendor pricing is reviewed by an independent benchmarking company quarterly or bi-annually but Procurement and Payment Services (PPS) is dependent on the UCT community for feedback on service and quality.

Note: Listing on SAP does not automatically imply preferred vendor status.

For more information, see the documents under Downloads.