Purchasing processes

Procurement and Payment Services (PPS) reviews what a department buys, which vendors are being used and can advise on purchasing tools, orders and cards. PPS also assists with vendor relationships.

Appointing a purchaser

Ideally each department or area should have a person dedicated to purchasing. This purchaser may create orders on SAP and advise their departmental staff on vendor selection and Finance's policies and procedures.

Purchasing should be a significant part of a purchaser's job and a purchaser must have a financial background. Any new purchasing post must be signed off by the Purchasing Liaison manager based on purchasing volumes for the department. Generally only replacement purchasers will be considered.

The minimum job requirement is Matric accounting or an equivalent bookkeeping qualification. A Finance representative must be part of the selection committee (from Central Finance or the relevant faculty Finance Office) and a basic finance competency test should be included in the selection process.

Purchaser training

To access SAP, purchasers need to complete 10 mornings of training over a 2-month period. As soon as the new purchaser has been appointed in compliance with the requirements outlined above, complete the SAP01 form (see Links) to book training. The same form may be used to request refresher training.

For more information on SAP training and the course calendar, see the SAP training page on the ICTS website.

Emergency purchases

When the purchaser is unavailable: fill in the Purchase Order Request (under 'Downloads' on the right), have it authorised by the fund holder and fax it to the PPS Purchasing Support team on +27 (0)21 650 3663. PPS will create the order and either fax it to the vendor or back to the requester.

When SAP is unavailable: request an emergency purchase order (see Downloads).

Changing delivery address

Download and complete form SAP05 (see Downloads) and send the completed form to:
Purchasing and Payment Services
Master Data Section
Meulenhof building
Fax: +27 (0)21 650 3663

For more information please consult Overview: Purchasing Groups (see Links).