UCT eProcurement


Answers to your eProcurement queries can be found below:

Access and authorisation

  • Who has access to UCT eProcurement and how do I apply if I don't have access?

    Permanent, T1, T2 and T3 staff that are active in Human Resources (HR) are automatically loaded on UCT eProcurement. Hourly paid staff and postgraduate students are excluded but may apply for access if required by completing the MM031 Purchasing Card Document/s Submission form. Hourly paid staff must first apply for third-party access (Category – 'contractor staff').

  • How do I log into UCT eProcurement?

    Select 'UCT eProcurement' from 'Quick Links' on the UCT website. Alternatively, click the login link on any page on the UCT eProcurement website. Enter your staff number and network password.

  • Who do I contact if I cannot log into UCT eProcurement?

    If there is a problem, log a call with the Information and Communication Technology Services (ICTS) Helpdesk.

  • How do I apply for access to UCT eProcurement modules?

  • How do I know which eProcurement modules I can access?

    After logging in you will see the 'Services' page with a list of all the modules to which you have access.

  • Who do I contact should I need access to an additional module or fund center?

    Complete the MM028 Fund Centre and functional access for UCT eProcurement form or contact your faculty/PASS finance manager for assistance.

  • How do I know which funds I can select?

    Your staff number will be linked to the funds you are authorised to use. The cost objects linked to these funds are also in myMarket.com, and are updated from information in SAP.

  • What if I cannot find my fund?

    Complete the MM028 Fund Centre and functional access for UCT eProcurement form to request authorisation to the fund centre to which that fund belongs.

  • What if my card limit is insufficient for my regular eProcurement transactions?

    Use  the MM014 PCard credit limit and travel change request form to request a permanent increase in your card limit. Provide a motivation and a SAP report on your monthly card transactions to support your request.

  • Who will approve my transactions?

    Approvers are generally fund holders who are automatically linked to their respective funds, based on the staff number included on the fund center.

  • What if the approver is on leave or not available?

    The approver may delegate his/her authority to another person with the approver role. This may only be someone on the same level or higher eg, another fund holder or someone who would normally sign or authorise transactions on behalf of the fund holder.

  • Can I browse UCT eProcurement to familiarise myself with the system?

    Yes you may. However you should refrain from confirming any orders ie submitting a cart.

Travel booking

  • Is the mymarket.com Travel Desk a preferred vendor?

    Yes, it is a preferred vendor and Travel Management Company (TMC).

  • Why must I provide my ID/passport number when applying for access to Travel booking?

    Any travel management company requires your ID or passport details to book your flight. The airline requires this for boarding purposes.

  • Can I use my loyalty miles when booking on UCT Travel booking, eg, Discovery miles to book on Kulula?

    No, you need to book directly with the relevant airline to use credit card linked loyalty miles. You can however accumulate airline loyalty benefits eg, Voyager miles. You may find comparable or cheaper fares on Travel booking than those offered with your loyalty benefits.

  • How can I follow-up on my order?

    Track your order using the 'Manage my booking' functionality.

  • How can I add a new traveller?

    Email the traveller profile details using the MM030 Traveller profile information for UCT Travel booking form.

  • How can I cancel a booking?

    Contact the Travel Desk and tell them if you want to cancel the whole booking or just the flight. If the latter, you must re-use the booking within 6 months for domestic bookings. (This is the more economical option.)

  • Is the PCard required for online check in or collection of the rental car?

    No, it is not required as these are corporate bookings.

  • Can a traveller who has access to Travel booking book for other staff or students travelling with them?

    Yes they can. However for car rentals, the card holder must be the primary driver.

  • How do I add my regular B&B to UCT Travel booking?

    Email the contact details of the B&B to the chrisb@mymarket.com to request that the B&B to be loaded.


  • How can I follow-up on my order?

    Track your order using the 'Carts Awaiting Approval' functionality.

  • What is the difference between UCT trade vendor, preferred vendor, and eProcurement vendor?

    UCT trade vendors are listed on SAP and have provided the required documentation eg, tax compliance certificate and proof of bank details. Preferred vendors are a sub-set of trade vendors where UCT has a formal agreement regarding price, service and quality. All UCT eProcurement vendors are preferred vendors.