About eProcurement

Access and authorisations

UCT staff are able to access eProcurement using the link on the right of each eProcurement page. Alternatively select UCT eProcurement from Quick Links on the UCT home page. This takes you to the eProcurement login page, with links to the various applications and updates.

Log in with your staff number and network password.

Access to various eProcurement modules

Module Access
Trading Post UCT staff are able to view items on the Furniture Trading Post and the IT Trading Post.
Travel booking All travel bookings must be paid by PCard. UCT staff with PCards are automatically linked to Travel booking. Other staff should contact their departmental PCard holder. Note: Travel booking bookings for UCT staff/students and UCT visitors must be processed separately for insurance purposes.
eShopping UCT Staff will be able to access eShopping vendors based on their departmental roles.

eProcurement departmental roles

Role Function Conditions
Fund holder Approves all transactions against their funds via SMS or email May delegate their approval if unavailable
Travel booker Can make travel bookings for PCard holders, non-PCard holders and UCT visitors Must have their own UCT PCard
Traveller Can make their own travel bookings Must have their own UCT PCard
PCard purchaser Can purchase from eShopping PCard vendors Must have their own UCT PCard
SAP purchaser Can order from non PCard vendors, or complete order requests on non PCard vendors Must be an authorised SAP purchaser
Requester Can display UCT catalogues and request a purchase via eProcurement Can initiate purchase requests on authorised funds and send to PCard or SAP purchaser

Note: UCT staff will automatically have access to the Trading Posts.

Fund centre authorisation

In SAP, each fund centre (eg, ABC001) is in the process of being updated with a staff number. This staff number belongs to either a researcher or Head of Department. This person is referred to as the fund holder. As with SAP authorisation, staff must be authorised by the fund holder to purchase against their funds. This information will be collected as part of the eProcurement roll out.