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EducareThe Educare Centre provides pre-primary education for the children of UCT staff and students.

It is safely situated on Upper Campus in a pleasant mountainside setting, with ample outdoor play areas.

It can take approximately 70 children, from infants of three months to children of six years. The Centre is a microcosm of UCT, with its demography reflecting the ethnic and cultural diversity of the university community.

It offers a stimulating environment for young children to develop through creative play. Small classes are offered, with structured activities planned and implemented by highly trained teachers.

The staff members are dedicated, experienced and sensitive to the personalities of the individual children in their care.

Extra-mural activities, outings and excursions form an integral part of the curriculum.

Each class is taught through programmes appropriate to the developmental needs of each age group.

The Centre is open from 07h30 to 17h30 throughout the year except for two weeks in December.

Members of the UCT community interested in enrolling their children can contact the Centre.

For more information about Educare, click here.

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