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This page contains materials that are free for use by the UCT community to promote water saving. They can be downloaded below or in this single zip file.

Email signatures


Instructions for how to add the banner to your email signature



UCT water decals w100mm x h100mm
UCT water decals w150mm x h150mm



UCT water A5 flyer

Posters: set 1

Posters one

UCT water A1 posters set 1
UCT water A2 posters set 1
UCT water A3 posters set 1

Posters: set 2

Posters two

UCT water A1 posters set 2
UCT water A2 posters set 2
UCT water A3 posters set 2

Posters: set 3

Posters three

UCT water A1 posters set 3
UCT water A2 posters set 3
UCT water A3 posters set 3



UCT water wobblers w76mm x h100mm
UCT water wobblers w114mm x h150mm

Facebook covers (click image to download)

Facebook cover image     Facecook cover image

Twitter covers (click image to download)

Twitter cover image     Twitter cover image

Social media posts (click image to download)

Slow the flow banner    Slow the flow banner