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If you are interested in enrolling your child(ren), please contact the Educare Centre (see the contact link on the left).

An application form may be downloaded, printed and sent by post or fax to the centre.

Please email Chantal September for more information.


2021: Educare fees per month

Joint Gross Earnings of Both Parents Per Annum <R150 000 R150 000 ‑ R450 000 >R450 000 & Third Party Staff
Fees R1 914.40 R2 399.30 R2 594.70


Parents will be charged 10% less for their second child

Parents earning less than R150 000 per annum are required to submit supporting documentation such as 3 months proof of income (letter from employer, bursary office or bank statements).

Important: If you have used the space for a month or more, we require 3 months' notice stating your intention to leave the Educare Centre. Without this letter of resignation we cannot cancel your stop order or credit your student fee account.