Milestones & achievements


Assisting a colleague from Ghana

One of the goals of the Disability Service is to establish good working links with academic departments. An example of this collegiality was shown at the farewell lunch in June 2005 that we hosted for Joseph Homadzi, a high school teacher at a blind school in Ghana, who studied for his master's degree in education at UCT. Present at the farewell were master's students who had assisted Joseph with his studies, his head of department and lecturer from the School of Education, TCATS students and staff, his warden, and Disability Service staff. Joseph's sponsors, The Ecumenical Scholarships Programme based in Stuttgart Germany, wrote a message to be read out at the lunch thanking all for their contributions.

Prof Crain Soudien, Dr John Akokpari, Joseph Atsu Homadzi and David Gilmour
Prof Crain Soudien (HOD, School of Education), Dr John Akokpari (warden of Joseph Homadzi's residence, Woolsack), Joseph Atsu Homadzi and David Gilmour (course coordinator)

"We are proud that Mr. Joseph Atsu Homazi, sponsored by ESP has completed his education administration course at the University of Cape Town with success. We know that it is not easy to study far away from home. Therefore continuous support is needed to cope with all obstacles during studies. We think that this success would not have been possible without the good cooperation of the Disability Unit and the School of Education of the University of Cape Town. ESP would like to thank both, especially TCATS, in their endeavours to assist Joseph during his studies."