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Disabled bus service

Bus with special accessA bus service is available for staff and students with mobility impairments.

Note: The bus can only be used for travelling between place of residence and a venue where university business is conducted.

Who qualifies for the bus?

A registered student or member of staff living within a radius of 15 km from the university campus who:

  • is not able to drive or does not own a car
  • has a mobility impairment that makes it difficult or impossible to make use of the regular Jammie service.

The service is currently available to people with visual impairment, but this may change depending on levels of demand.

How do I get to use the bus?

In order to have access to the bus, you will need to register with the Disability Service on Upper Campus, Room 4.03 of the John Day Building. You need to bring medical documentation regarding the nature of your impairment.

The following guidelines ensure that the service runs efficiently:

  1. The bus timetable is drawn up on a Friday morning according to weekly schedules submitted by users.
  2. Email your weekly schedule to Cedric Williams by no later than Thursday 16:00. Include details of exact pick-up points, especially if they differ from drop-off points. The schedule should cover Saturday to the following Friday.
  3. If you need to make a change to your schedule, contact Sibu Zulu on +27 (0)21 650 2427. In the event of Sibu not being available, changes to schedules may be requested from the Jammie Shuttle Office  on +27 (0)21 685 7135.
  4. During peak times of  07:00 to 09:00, schedule changes at short notice will not be considered.
  5. As far as possible, changes must be booked 24 hours in advance and such changes will be accommodated only if the existing schedule allows it.
  6. Please be aware that in order to accommodate tight schedules, you may have to be picked up earlier in the morning from home or later after lectures, but any unavoidable changes to the stipulated pick-up times will be indicated on the schedule sent out every Friday.