Jammie Shuttle

Please note: The Jammie Shuttle service is available for free to all staff and students who are in possession of a valid UCT staff or student card.

A bus shuttle service, called the Jammie Shuttle, is available free to all UCT students and staff.

A fleet of 26 buses, including a special one for disabled passengers, operates between residences, all UCT campuses and some public bus, train and parking facilities close to the university.

Jammie Shuttles on Upper Campus
Jammie Shuttles on Upper Campus

Jammie Shuttle buses run to a strictly controlled schedule. Each bus is fitted with a monitoring system that allows its location to be constantly checked.

Route maps and timetables

Staff timetable | Student timetable

The scheduled service is available on weekdays, weekends and holidays, during both term time and vacations. It also includes a late-night service.

Timetables are posted on Jammie Shuttle notice boards.

The Jammie Shuttle is available only to the UCT community and you can be sure of safe, friendly, clean and comfortable transport at all times.

The buses are environmentally friendly and  cater for sight- and hearing-impaired students.

Jammie Shuttles on Upper Campus