Properties & Services


The UCT Access Control department offers the following services:

  • Production of UCT staff, student and Third Party identification cards.
  • Replacement of lost or damaged UCT staff, student and Third Party identification cards (see conditions below).
  • Assigning of access to individuals or groups to specified areas on campus (all requests to be authorised by relevant HOD, see Contacts).
  • Processing general access related queries.

For replacement cards please see below.


Conditions for replacement cards

  • Badly damaged/lost cards: If your card is badly damaged (cracked or bent) or has been lost you will have to pay for a replacement card. The cost is R120.00, payable at the cashiers office, level 3, Kramer Law Building, Middle Campus. Upon payment you will receive a receipt which you bring to us and we will produce the new card.
  • Worn cards: If the print on your card is badly worn from normal wear and tear we will replace the card free of charge.
  • Stolen cards: If your card was stolen we will replace it free of charge provided you present an affidavit from the police for when you reported it stolen.
  • Proof of identification: Should you wish to get a new card for whatever reason you will be required to produce any positive proof of identification.

To log a fault or request additional physical access for an individual or a group of people please complete a BAS10 form.