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IT Trading Post

See: Disposal/Internal transfer of ownership of UCT IT Equipment (ICT002)

IT disposal responsibility

Staff members should inform their IT manager/coordinator of item/s to be disposed of. This includes laptops, desktop PCs, keyboards, mouse devices, monitors, screens, printers and cables.

The following people are responsible to ensure that it is disposed of according to the IT Disposal Policy and should sign off disposal of each item:

Person Equipment
Head of Department (HoD) Departmental IT equipment
Faculty IT manager Faculty IT equipment
Research Director Research IT equipment

If the unwanted item is on the UCT Asset Register, the asset disposal policy applies.

Viewing available items on the IT Trading Post for staff purchase

  1. Go to the eProcurement launch page and log into eShopping and Trading Post. Then choose the IT Trading Post.
  2. Add a keyword and click Find, or simply click Find to view the whole catalogue. Click on the magnifier to view the item.
  3. Email the IT Manager/co-ordinator as specified in the item description, who will forward the relevant payment instructions. This will be either via a cash deposit or an EFT. (Note: Do NOT submit a cart for the IT Trading Post, this is just for viewing the items.)
  4. The IT manager co-ordinator will arrange for the items to be removed from the IT Trading Post.

Role of the IT manager/co-ordinator

The IT manager /co-ordinator is key in facilitating the disposal of unwanted IT equipment, and their role includes the following:

  1. Request ICTS to evaluate the item or dispose of broken/unwanted items.
  2. Circulate list of available IT equipment, in the following sequence:
    • within their department, via the departmental email list; then
    • within their faculty/area, via the faculty/area email list; then
    • to the IT manager/co-ordinator distribution list to make it available to other faculties/areas for circulation in their areas, and then
    • if the IT equipment is of no further use to UCT, the IT manager/co-ordinator should email the list to the IT Trading Post catalogue manager to be made available on the IT Trading Post for staff to purchase.
  3. Interdepartmental payment should be done via journal. Payment by staff should be by EFT or cash using SD002 according to IT manager/ co-ordinator's instructions.