Communication & marketing

Online communications

Online Communications (OC) provides support to the UCT community for web development in a number of specific areas.

Web policy

OC is responsible for the UCT Web Content Management Policy. (Please also consult the Domain Name and Web Hosting Policies.)

The UCT corporate website

OC is responsible for:

  • the programming and maintenance of the site (www.uct.ac.za)
  • the administration of the site content managers
  • the provision of HTML and content management system (CMS) manuals for the site content managers
  • updating (but not sourcing) content on those areas of the site which have no content managers assigned to them

UCT-related websites

Before embarking on any web development please consult the web policies mentioned above. The ICTS website has more information on the official UCT Web Content Management System (Drupal) as well as the Web Migration Project. The Project is migrating all UCT websites into the official system; for more information on the Project you may also contact Rethea Deetlefs.


OC consults and advises on:

  • website design
  • website navigation
  • web standards and policy

OC responsibilities do not include:

  • support for databases not designed by OC
  • copywriting or copy-editing
  • sourcing or updating content for websites, including those sections of the main UCT website (www.uct.ac.za) which have content managers assigned to them
  • the Electronic Staff Directory
  • domain name registration
  • student sites
  • assistance with:
    • email queries and support
    • network log-in problems
    • online student administrative systems
    • hardware issues
    • software issues
    • WebDav/web server access issues

For assistance with the above contact the ICTS Helpdesk.