Many members of the UCT community communicate directly with various stakeholders using the UCT logo. When doing so, the logo and the approved UCT colour scheme are the primary visual representations of the university. Following these guidelines will promote a consistent, recognisable and professional image.

Important note: These pages summarise the guidelines for the usage of UCT's multilingual logo. For a copy of the full set of guidelines, or answers to any questions regarding the UCT logos, stationery or other corporate identity elements please contact Kylie Hatton (021 650 2860).

Why have guidelines?

An organisation's public image is determined by a multitude of factors. One of the factors that makes an important contribution towards promoting a cohesive image is the organisation's corporate identity. The purpose of any corporate identity programme, therefore, is to create an easily recognisable visual image of an organisation or brand. A carefully designed corporate identity system, which is meticulously applied and constantly maintained, connects all UCT's activities and services.

UCT's corporate identity is therefore a visible symbol of everything UCT stands for. It makes a positive contribution towards promoting UCT's educational activities and services and is publicly perceived as UCT's corporate signature.

The guidelines for logo usage contain comprehensive rules and standards to govern the effective and uniform use of the organisation's corporate identity. This document represents a summary of the full set of guidelines and serves as a working reference for visual communication involving the UCT brand and logo. Please ensure that you adhere to these guidelines when communicating as a representative of the university.

Some initial pointers

The University's positioning

Over the past decade, the University of Cape Town has attained an enviable position as a premier tertiary education institution in Africa - achieved through the quality of its research and its high academic standards.

The University name

While the abbreviation "UCT" is used in internal communications such as these guidelines, the full name: "The University of Cape Town" must be used when referring to the university in any external communication. While the acronym UCT is permissible within the correct context, it is only to be used after the full name has been used. The title "Cape Town University" does not exist and is never to be used.