Information for vendors

Applying to be a UCT vendor

Types of vendors

The University of Cape Town has classifications of vendor:

  1. Preferred vendors are accredited suppliers with whom UCT has negotiated best price, quality and service. Preferred vendors are identified by prequalification on the basis of financial stability, BEE status and references. Final selection is by the tender or RFP (Request For Proposal) process with evaluation based on price, quality and service offerings. The UCT community is encouraged to purchase from preferred vendors where they have been appointed for a particular commodity.
  2. Trade vendors are listed on SAP because departments need to use them. Listing on SAP does not automatically imply preferred vendor status.
  3. Temporary vendors are loaded on SAP purely for purposes of payment directly into their bank account but may only be used three times after which they will be blocked. The vendor must then complete the full e-form and supply all required documentation before they can be used again by a UCT department. Departments are strongly discouraged from using temporary vendors unless for a genuine one time payment.

Trade Vendor Database

Vendors are listed on the Trade Vendor Database based on departmental needs. Continued listing depends on the frequency with which a vendor is used.


Vendors are judged according to the following criteria for possible inclusion to the database:

  • financial stability
  • VAT status
  • BEE status
  • payment terms and method
  • conditions of sale
  • resource and operational capacity
  • trade references

Completing a vendor application form does not guarantee automatic addition to the Trade Vendor Database. Each application will be evaluated on merit and in the best interest of the university. Note: the university is required by law to ensure that a certain amount of spend is directed to B-BBEE vendors.

How to apply

If you are dealing with a department, ask them to request a new vendor on SAP. Once they have done so Procurement and Payment Services will contact you and, if deemed a valid request, you will be asked to complete a Vendor application form and supply the necessary original documentation.


If you are not dealing with a department you may approach PPS directly by contacting Carol Paulse or John Pretorius (see Contact us to the right).