Trading post

Furniture Trading Post

When a department needs to dispose of furniture, an email should be sent to Procurement and Payment Services (PPS) will contact the department to arrange for an assessment and collection.

After assessment by PPS, if the item is considered to be of use to other departments, a description and picture will be loaded on the eProcurement furniture trading post. At this point, the item will become available to other departments.

Requesting an item on the trading post

Items on the trading post are available at no cost to other departments, unless stated otherwise. There will be a charge for delivery, unless the department chooses to collect the item. The delivery will be organised by PPS, and the fund number/cost object supplied by the department charged.

If no other department requests the item within a reasonable time, the item will become available for purchase by a staff member. This will be stated in the item description. Payment details will be included in the email from PPS.

Collection from UCT storage is arranged weekly with the delivery company, department or staff member.

The process is as follows:

  1. Log into eShopping and Trading Post, and choose 'UCT Furniture Trading Post'.
  2. Add a keyword and click 'Find', or simply click 'Find' to view the whole catalogue.
  3. Click on the magnifier to view the item. The item description includes a note as to whether it is available to departments or staff.
  4. Enter the quantity and click on the shopping trolley to add the item to your cart.
  5. Click the 'Cart' tab on top to view your cart. If correct, click 'Submit Cart'.
  6. A confirmation email from will be sent to you, with a reference number.
  7. PPS will accept or reject the request, resulting in a further email. If accepted, PPS will contact you to arrange delivery.