About eProcurement

eProcurement modules

The following modules are currently rolling out:

Module Offering Benefits Payment
Travel booking: Domestic travel All local flights, accommodation (including B&Bs), car rental, transfers Includes corporate fares with flexible change options. UCT PCard
Travel booking: International/Regional travel Point to point flights, also via Johannesburg Quality assurance by mymarket.com reduces likelihood of mistakes occurring, eg, feasible transit times, required visas. UCT PCard
Furniture Trading Post Used UCT furniture Available for departmental transfer and staff purchase, with photos. Delivery fee only
IT Trading Post IT equipment not required for further UCT use Available for staff purchase, with photos. Cash/EFT

The following modules are in the pipeline:

Item Offering Payment
Office consumables Stationery, PC consumables UCT PCard
Courier services Request collection online UCT PCard
Laboratory consumables Search the catalogue UCT PCard/SAP purchase order