About eProcurement

Approval workflow

All transactions on Travel booking and eShopping are sent to the fund holder for approval.

When the shopping cart is submitted, the fund holder will be required to approve the cart. Requisitions can be approved via SMS or email. The approver can select their preference on their eProcurement profile.

The following approvals will be required based on the value of the cart, as per the delegated authority limits policy.

Value Approvers
Below R100 000 Fund holder only
From R100 000 to R1 million Fund holder and Dean/Exec Director
Above R1 million All of the above plus PPS for tender process, which includes DVC or Exec Director: Finance approval

Once the request is approved, all documents (itinerary, car and hotel vouchers, invoice) will be automatically issued and distributed.

Delegating approval

Approvers can delegate their approval function to another person with the same role in the system. This means the approver can delegate to someone on the same level, such as another fund holder, or higher, eg, Finance Manager or Dean/Exec Director.

Approval times and delays

For travel requests, the fund holder will get a reminder after 3 hours and then 6 hours. After that the request will escalate to the Finance Manager. Flight bookings are only held for the current day. For procurement requests, the approval time is 24 hours.

Track your booking using the 'Booking History' functionality. For Procurement orders do the same using the 'Carts Awaiting Approval' functionality.