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Notice Date posted
Refer to the updated Guidelines on Remote Finance Business Operations in support of working remotely. 11 September 2020
Finance department work from home strategy to limit the spread of COVID-19 19 March 2020
The Treasury Office within Finance has taken the precautionary measure to close the cash office due to COVID-19.  Processes for receipting and payments have been implemented until further notice. 18 March 2020

To support working remotely, all policies and procedures still apply, just the way transactions are effected in the short-term requires some flexibility.

The following blanket exceptions to Finance Policy have been approved by the Executive Director of Finance, until further notice:

  • If reimbursement/PCard spend on remote connectivity is in excess of the R400 pm limit, this can be    authorised by the line manager, based on the business motivation, without the need for a specific FM041 exception request. This also applies if one PCard is used to buy dongles/data for many staff. The required motivation from the line manger must be included in the supporting documentation.
  •  If due to uncertainties, local travel is required, S&T may be claimed after returning. There should be no foreign S&T required for the period to 30 June 2020.

Please complete FM041 for all exceptions to Finance Policies, and send these to Lesley.Haddow@uct.ac.za

18 March 2020
Some parts of the university are looking at the possibility of rearranging work to allow staff to work remotely to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  UCT's extensive remote working toolkit, which is available on the ICTS web page, considers essential elements, such as security, connectivity, email and calendar access, and real-time communication. 18 March 2020
The subsistence and travel and Mileage policy has been updated with the SARS rate changes, effective 1 March 2020.  1 March 2020