New UCT Form to request for Building Maintenance

4 Apr 2017 - 12:15

UCT Properties and Services has recently made the BAS11 - UCT Request for Building Maintenance form available online.  This form will replace the current maintenance logging procedure of sending emails to maintain@uct.ac.za or telephonic calls to the Helpdesk. The BAS11 form provides the means to:

  • report a building or equipment fault
  • submit a request for building or equipment maintenance within the buildings or campus areas managed by UCT

Benefits of using the BAS11 form

  • Your request for building or equipment maintenance will be logged immediately
  • A copy of the submitted form will be saved in your Sent Mail folder by default
  • Progress on your request will be communicated to you via regular email updates

How to access the BAS11 form

The BAS11 form must only be accessed via the designated URL (http://forms.uct.ac.za/#bas11) to ensure that the latest version of the form is being used. It must be completed online, using Internet Explorer, to ensure the functionality of the form is maintained.

Additional information about accessing, completing and submitting the BAS11 form may be found in the help document or by viewing the video.

Should you require further information regarding the BAS11 form, please send an email to Catherine Fortune (catherine.fortune@uct.ac.za).