Women In Leadership

Solution Space Learning Lunches provides a space for entrepreneurs to learn from experts in their field. We invite guests to speak on a range of topics that address common pain points faced by all founders. In commemoration of Women’s Month, we are focusing on one of our pillars, thought leadership. This month's theme is ‘Women in Leadership’.

This month we invited Dr. Judy Dlamini, founder of Mbekani Group which has operations and investments in different sectors of the economy; surgical instrument and sterile services management, property and facilities management, luxury fashion retail, amongst others.
In a motivational, inspirational speech format, our phenomenal speaker will be sharing her key insights from her book on female leadership. "Equal but Different."

Join us over lunch to learn about:
Dr. Judy Dlamini's life story and reflections on leadership
Women leader's life stories overcoming race, gender and social class
Advice for aspiring female leaders

Guest Speaker:
Dr Judy Dlamini is qualified medical doctor, an accomplished businesswoman with an MBA and PhD in business leadership, and an author who recently published a book titled: Equal but Different. She is also the founder and executive chairman of the Mbekani Group. Mbekani Group currently has a direct staff complement over 150. Dr Dlamini is a recipient of multiple accolades and awards, including the African Economy Builder Lifetime Achievement Awards.

Wed, 08 Aug 2018 - 09:30

1 Cwangco Crescent

Contact Information: 

021 406 1606